Tiger Tribe

Magna Carry - Busy Builders


Create your own construction site
with Tiger Tribe’s Magna Carry - Busy Builders. Pour the cement, dig the holes and move the dirt. Can you spot the safety issues? Where would you put the barriers and safety cones?

There’s so much fun to be had with the fold-out double-sided play scene and 2 sheets of press-out magnets.


Portable Play

Safe for 3+

Designed in Australia

No glue


The best part, you can create a new scene every time you play. When you are finished, pack up is super fun with the ‘match the magnet pieces’ puzzle on the case! Job done.

Magna Carry - Busy Builders helps develop imagination and fine motor skills, all the while encouraging independent play.

Each portable set comes with 2 sheets of press out magnets (easy to fold up and take with you).


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