Numbers 0-10 Wooden Puzzle


This beautiful heirloom style puzzle is handmade in Turkey from Walnut and Linden wood.

Integrate numeracy into play with this large number puzzle.

- Linden board & Walnut pieces

- Finished with natural oils in accordance with CE and EN71 standards.

- 32cm x 16cm


Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.



* Complete the puzzle!

* Trace the grooves, or fill them with sensory rice or beans.

* Pick a number, can you count out this number with counters, or with your fingers?

* Display on table/shelf and invite child to match letters to Number Flashcards

* Add to a tub with sensory play rice & use tongs to collect the letters to complete the puzzle.

* How old are you? Which number is this?

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